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Precision Cutting Processing Mainly perform cutting fragile materials as thin as possible. It uses free abrasives for multi- wire saw.
In addition, we also perform Diamond wire processing.
Lapping processing Free abrasive and a lubricant mix up to make slurry then, put it between lapping plate and processed products and then, apply pressure to both of them. Then, remove uneven to finish precisely by relative motion. It is free abrasive processing. 
Polishing Processing
(mirror face processing)
The polishing way is same as lapping but it is used minute abrasive that is less than 1 μm. Then, put a polishing pad (such as soft synthesis resin polyurethane) on the plate to polish the surface of the product such as mirror face. It is include mechanochemical polishing processing. 
Single processing machine To process single side of the products
Both sides processing machine To process the product that is held by a carrier at same time.
The abrasives The abrasives that are used for lapping process are GC, WA and diamond particle and so on
Frequency:#800,#1000,#1200,#2000,#2500 ,#3000,#4000
Polishing abrasive Use minute particle Alumina, Cerium oxide, Colloidal silica, minute particle diamond to use mechanochemical reaction and polishing action
Using frequency: 0.8-0.05μm, 10-20nm, 30-40nm, 50-80nm
A unit of roughness 【A range of surface roughness】
Ra: Arithmetic average roughness
Ry: (Rmax) height of maximum
Rz: ten- point average roughness    
A unit of length 1mm=1000μm, 1μm=0.001mm,
1nm(nano meter)=0.001μm, 1A(angstrom)=0.1nm
Optical flat To measure products of flat degree
Interferometer Measure the surface of product with interferometer
The light source is used Ne-Ne light source
1 Newton ring is0.3μm
The size of wafer 【Parallel degree】Measure 5points in the wafer and indicate in max-min, without the circumference3-5mm
The definition of precision 【Bow】The maximum length without wafer thickness  The condition is on the flat
【The displacement thickness】 central thickness
【TTV】(Total Thickness Variation) Check the all of wafers then, measure the thickness of whole surface and then, indicate in maximum.
【LTV s】(Local Thickness Variation)    
The materials 【The material of single crystal】(silicon, crystal, lithium niobate, lithium tantalite, a sapphire, Silicon carbide(SIC) and so on) quartz, oxidation compound
【the material of multi crystals】silicon, ferrite, PZT, Aluminum nitride(AlN), Alumina, Silicon carbide(SIC), Zirconium dioxide, Optical glass
【Metal】Brass, SUS, Ultra steel alloy
【Compound material】Metal, Resin   

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Technical words