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Quality Control

Our quality control system assures our customer service they deserve. We recognize it is vitally important to select the proper process that is optimal for the material to be processed with due consideration made for its desired results such as measurement, flatness, surface roughness and oscillation characteristic. For this, we have equipped our Okayama factory with profile inspection projectors, ultra-precision surface roughness analyzers, stylus type surface roughness analyzers, LSI inspection microscope, resonance frequency and characteristic measuring equipment to inspect and verify the finished product standards immediately after the processing. Furthermore, we have our cleanroom (rated class 1,000) to perform additional cleaning process for the products that require a higher level of cleanliness standards.

  • Slicing processを行った後に行う自動検査装置
  • 人間の目でも不良チェックを細かく実施
  • クリーンルームでの繊細な納品チェック作業

We are developing new material processing technology to keep pace with further product downsizing and technology advancement. With remarkable progress being made in electronics and IT industry in the recent years, the parts and components used in this     segment continue to be highly advanced and downsized. The raw materials come in a variety of types and some of them are extremely difficult to process and they are increasing in numbers. The need to process these materials with nanometer accuracy is becoming a trend that is certain to be further increasing. We are aiming to be No.1 in the industry in terms of shortening the delivery time, cost reduction and products quality improvement founded not o the extension of the past but from every available knowledge and information along with the use of new tools, slurry mix, cleaning liquid and the new and noble technology. We strive to become a growing company in japan in the 21st century.

  • クリーンルームでの繊細な評価・研究・測定
  • 自動検査機器・投影機による欠品チェック

Our products Quality and Environmental policy


We at Shinko with a family like spirit, aim to achieve sound development of individuals and the company while contributing to society as well. Founded on the three pillars that support our business existence (quality, price and delivery deadline) that form the basis of market demand, all of us are determined to promote the conservation of the earth’s precious environment so as to enable us to hand it over to the future generation while providing the products that can earn customer trust and higher level of satisfaction.


  1. By accurately assessing the effects to the environment from our main business activity of precision processing, we will strive to make a continuing effort for the improvement of products quality and environment that is technologically and economically feasible.
  2. In addition to complying with environmental laws, regulations and ordinances, we will strive to prevent environmental damage by taking self-imposing measures whenever possible.
  3. Through our business activity that encompasses the products and the services we offer, we will promote the environmental conservation effort by taking the following three (3) specific measures:
    (1) Promote electric energy conservation to help alleviate global warming
    (2) Promote material recycling and industrial waste reduction
    (3) Promote use of green renewable materials consistent with the company’s environmental conservation policy
  4. This policy shall be thoroughly familiarized by all employees and implemented companywide with a collective raised consciousness to achieve the policy objective.
  5. This policy is proclaimed to the public at large.

June, 1st 2006
Shinko Manufacturing Company
President: Yukihiro Asano

Shinko ManufacturingのOur products Quality and Environmental policy

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